i have seen better basses in my time im afraid
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You're really better saving up, this looks like a false economy to me, it doesn't look to be in great condition at all.
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EDIT: Sammcl pretty much got it dead on.
1 - It's ugly
2 - It's not too good
3 - Save more money and get something better. As mentioned, Peavey makes excellent basses.
save for a better bass
maybe an ibanez GSR200 or the affinity p bass(not really good)
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Squier VM p-bass(i chosed it over a fender!!!) with quarter pounder and gotoh 201!!
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Squier's Vintage Modified series are pretty much right up your alley - good price, quality instrument that's pretty much comparable to a MIM Fender.
I'd be wary of anything that was " Sparkle purble",

And the fact that GC is selling that so damn cheap does give one pause, and yes, its not a great bass by any definition.
it's not a great bass, but my mate had one, and I have to say it was remarkably comfortable bass to play, I mean, the tone wasn't great, but he had a pretty good amp, so it was ok you know? and the purple does not look as bad as you think, but for recording? nah, get something better my man, if you're really skint, at least invest in a Peavey Milestone, my personal starter bass and one that's horrendously easy to play, or if can afford it, get that vintage modified squire, I'd suggest the Jazz over the P, more versatility, but depends on the kind of neck/sound you want

ahem, something that has been said many time:

Try before you buy!!
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