I have a 60W Kustom amp and I haven't even had it a year and there is a weird kind of feedback coming from the amp, it sounds like in cartoons when someone falls off a cliff, and it doesn't stop when I unplugged my bass and turned the volume all the way down. That's not all though, whenever i play it sounds extremely distorted and sounds if it is too loud but it's not because it does this when the volume is low too. I know its a problem with the speaker but i don't know what to do. So could someone help me please it would be much appreciated.
check your fuse to see if its blown
if your fuse is alright, then you probably overdrove the speaker with excess volume and warped/damaged the cone

if its neither of the above, the only other thing i can think of that might be causing that is a problem with the grounding on your bass pickups
I know my fuse is good i checked that today if i warped or damaged the cone would that mean i need a new speaker/or amp? what is the grounding on bass pickups?
Take it to a repair shop, they'll probably have a better idea than us!
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Quote by Welsh Guitar
Take it to a repair shop, they'll probably have a better idea than us!

^what he said

and yes, if the speaker's damaged, you'll most likely have to replace it (THE SPEAKER, NOT THE ENTIRE AMPLIFIER)
alright thanks guys. I'll take it to a shop tomorrow, I just wanted to know if there was something i could do before i had to take it to a repair shop.