Rg2ex1,Basswood body,fixed bridge. I play mostly Metal"Megadeth,Slayer" but play some Blues and Rock. Budget around $150 but less if possible. I have another budget for pedals Im trying to get.
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is the palomino really voiced for that kind of metal? try looking at running a distortion pedal into the palomino's clean or something.
I like the OD on my amp. I get plenty of tight crunch. I want PUP's not a distortion.
I havent decided on either but passive is probably the choice I would make.
For thrashy tone out of passives I'd really recommend Dimarzio X2N's. The other guitarist in my band uses one in his Carvin, and he gets an amazing Rust in Peace era tone out of it. If the X2Ns are too much, I personally use an Evolution for thrash and just roll the treble down a little.

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Thrashy tone? Steve's Special.
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Thrashy tone? Steve's Special.

Is it just me, or can that pickup just do anything? At least, anything metal.

If its specifically thrash you're after tho, i'd second the X2N. Steve's special is a much better all round metal pickup, but not everyone wants to be able to do everything.