I know that "save up" would be the best answer but let's just say some people can't really save up anymore, if you know what i mean, hehe.

Anyway, i mostly play metal, but some cleans. So which?

Can't go wrong with a Les Paul. Or you could get a MIM Fat Strat. $300-$400 is when guitars start getting good and will sound like a guitar 4 times the price with a pickup change.


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look at the RGR421EX or the RG7321 if you want a seven string

or maybe a schecter
i play an 8 string
Jacksons, ESPs, Scheters, and even an LP with a pickup change would work. For another $100, you could get an Epi SG Prophesy with a quilt top, jewel knobs, coil tap, and either EMG 81/85 or Gibson Dirty Fingers pickups. I would save for one of those.
im close leaning to dxmg.. any other suggestions before i go out and grab it? Can emg 81/60 or 81/85's go in easily on this guitar? Ive had problems on guitars intstalling emg's
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