So I've been looking at some fake IDs for use in the UK. At the moment the best I can manage is scanning my passport and changing the date, which is useful to some extent but doesn't wash when trying to buy from some off licences or getting into some clubs.

Anyway, I figured there must be one of two people in the Pit who have some knowledge regarding getting me a fake ID, and so here I am.

In short, does anyone know of anywhere I can get a convincing fake ID? Or of some method I could use to make one? I have a scanner and a laminator at my disposal, which I've heard can be used to make ones that are at least convincing.


^That's the best one I've found so far, will it get me served?
A friend of mine got one from there and it looks really legit, he hasn't had any bother getting into anywhere, so far at least...
you could just go look up "UK fake ID template" on a P2P network, but can't really help you on the "making it convincing" bit