So I'ma be takin' my piano exams and shiet. Unfortunately, I have lost my syllabus sheet, which states which scales, arpeggios, cadences, etc. I need to know. To the best of my knowledge, the scales were Gb major and D# major, along with their relative minors(harmonic and melodic) as well as G mixolydian and D dorian(LOL RELATIVE TO C MODES FTW). The cadences were in the same keys, but I don't remember what they were. And the arpeggios I believe may or may not have been the dominant of the same keys. And there was some entirely different thing having to do with dominant 7ths of some sort. This is all from vague memory, so even my scales might not be correct. I mean, I guess I've waited a bit long to start practicing these things, but, I REALLY need it now. If anyone has a syllabus, has recently taken the test, will soon, or remembers the stuff somehow, for the love of God...please tell me.
Suicide may be your only way out here...

also if you have guitar pro.. it has ALOT of scales on it that you can see if you have trouble remembering any.
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It's not that I don't know the scales, it's that I don't know which ones I'm supposed to play.

At this point, you should be able to construct any diatonic scale or chord on the spot. Just ask them want they want to hear when you get there, and then play it.
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I'm not worried about the scales. My main concern is the cadences. They're total nazis about voicings and stuff too.

EDIT: I also think you can't ask the examiner anything during the exam either.
just out of curiosity, where are you taking this test. is it through school, or a private teacher? how does the test work?
I've got a private teacher. To the best of my knowledge, you go in, sit down, play your stuff within the time alotted(6 minutes for me, I believe), then you play your pieces(4 for me) in the time alotted(20 minutes), and have a nice day. Although in my case, I'm taking my theory exam on the same day, so I'll stick around for that. My hope is that whatever I screw up on in playing, I can make up for in theory.
ok, neat, so what happens if, lets say, you were to fail? i mean, it's not like it's getting an F in school.
You don't get the really pretty Certificate of Merit. Which is pretty similar to the ABRSM grade thing, just as far as I know, not internationally recognized and whatnot.
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google is your friend. hope it helps.
Dude, that raised my hopes so much until I found that it didn't have info specific to level 7. But thanks though.

Anyways, evidently I have a friend who is taken the test tomorrow. I just called her up and got the cadences, as well as confirmed the arpeggios, so I win. Thanks though, y'all.