I finally learned the Come as you are intro today and got the hang of finger placement and speed..

I was thinking whats next....? Do i need to learn chords before anything..? Theory, scales..? Is there an order i need to learn thing or can i just learn song after song?

Chords and sclaes should be some of the first things you should be learning. Learn the major, minor, and pentatonic scales. Also start off with the major and minor chords, along with some barre chords.
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Theory is very important, so I would suggest doing a little of both. Keep learning songs you want to learn, but at the same time, start learning chords. Learn all of you open chords, major and minor, then learn bar chords for major, minor, and dominant (7ths). Once you master that, and you want to get into lead playing, the next step would be the pentatonic/blues scale. Then modes. All of this along with learning songs that you want to learn, and you will really learn when you start to see these thigns you are learning being applied in the songs you are listening to/learning.
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I recommend emedia guitar method and maybe the intermediate version.

computer program and very good at teaching you the basics.

cheap or free ^^

Blues you can use is a $14.00 book/cd off of amazon, but it may be a little over your head for now, but something to consider when you are intermediate.
i reccommend you dont spend all your time on theroey and scales.
it will make you lose interest

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Uhm, get lessons, then you get theory and songs in one
(thats what I have)
Get a guitar teacher - it'll benefit you loads with theory. Start a general practice routine like, 30 minutes learning a new techniques (theory, chords, scales etc) then 30 minutes learning songs.