Hey, this is the musical part of the song Snowstorm I'm sort of messing with (Lyrics in the files, and in my sig). I only have it up to the first chorus, and i know there's a TON of tinkering to do with what is there. The vocals are WAY off on how they sound in my head, so I'll fix that eventually. But, I'd rather finish the instruments before the vocals; i know how they are in my head.

But anyway, I don't know much about balancing the volumes of the tracks, so if you guys could suggest how loud each should be and whatnot, that'd be greatly appreciated. I just got the full version of Guitar Pro today, so a lot of things are new to me.

So basically, just tell me if what is there is good. I'll try to work on the rest.

C4C, I suppose. Thank you in advance.
So far so good. Maybe with a little lead guitar going it would be even cooler. Ya, not much to crit so far, I know you're working on the song. But so far it's sounding good! 8/10