I need a recomendation on a delay pedal, i want the price to stay under $300 but over is fine, I want the pedal to be analog or sound dang close to analog, and i want it to have a tap tempo feature that is seprate from the engage button(2 buttons). loop is a plus, but i think that goes into digital(although digital is not completly out of the question). I just need some recomendations so i can try some pedals out and see for myself. My style is contemp. Christian so im trying to achieve a Hillsong United kinda sound just to keep in mind.
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Boss Delay Station (DL-4?). Its a double pedal, like their big chorus and OD units, and i think it has a tap tempo as well.
Check out the boomerang chorus delay. Phenomenol sounding,also has three types of chorus and three types of delay. Fun to use and better to listen to. Pricey tho $399.00 I think
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i think a Line-6 DL-4 would work. it has pretty much anything you need.

i play the same music as you (Hillsongs, Tomlin, etc), and im also looking for delay pedals that can do everything.

however, im gonna try getting 2 types of delays, an analog delay (maybe a used DMM or a MXR CC) to handle long delays and for leads, and a digital delay with the option of tap tempo and reverse (maybe a DD-5) for reverse delays and dotted 8ths.

imo, with 2, you dont have to switch delay-types as much on the fly and have time to just enjoy playing.

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the t-rex replica delay/echo looks cool, but its $400. has pretty much everything except the loop though. tc electronic nova delay is more in your price braket, but its digital. it is supposed to sound very good however, so its worth a look.
The best delay I have found and own is the T.C. Electronic
Nova delay. It's about 250£ and it's absolutely amazing!
Just like the edge's delay. It's also a step up from the line6 dl4 the
Hillsongs guys use.
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