"From Chili Peppers to Evanescence and everything in between"

Well since my band is recording a 'demo tape' within the next couple of weeks and getting our act together in time for fast approaching gigs, We've set up a myspace page. In the spirit of getting out act together, I'm here to ask you to check it out.

'Tronic', the track up at the moment, is waaay more electronic than the rest of our material, but we're fond of trying out different things every now and then. As one of our guitarists says, "I don't care what we play as long as its good ****"

The coming demos will be rather rough, so, when we have uploaded them, I hope you can look past that aspect and appriciate the music. I'll be sure to up date you as stuff happens.
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You'll be pleased to know (perhaps.....) that we have finally recorded a couple of live demo tracks of our originals. Now, I know what you're all going to say when you hear them ... the singing needs some work on the consitancy end of things, and the held notes and what not. I know all about that, and I'm trying to drastically improve my skills at singing and playing bass at the same time (already taking singing lessons lol so don't go telling me I should have some hehe) We were majorly tired after like the first cover we recorded, so that may account for some shakiness.

Aaaaanyway thats more than enough excuses from me *nervous chuckle* I'd like for you to crit the actual musical ideas, not my bad playing. Ya know, give us some points on what direction to go next, tips on more dynamic song writing, etc, etc we've had a tendency towards very riff-based jamming recently, plus we're in the process of intergrating a new female singer into the band, for that added, musical interest , as it were. Yeah.

In case you can't find the link to our myspace here it is again...


Hopefully our new material will be much much better than what we currently have, and of course, I'd love it if it came out a bit more progressive indie while we're at it. hehe.

Have "fun" guys