well, I love the song, but it's so hard to play on the guitar! Even the Mustaine parts I can't get down! does anyone have any advice for this song besides "suck less" or "practice"?
It is difficult until you get the right timing. Afterwards it is not difficult at all. There are some parts that Friedman plays that i can't play though.
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you just have to develop speed to basically play the majority of megadeth's songs. i wouldn't try Friedman's solos.
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I can play Hangar 18, Sweating Bullets, and Tornado of Souls, but I can't get the rhythym. Right when I saw the Marty parts, I gave up and tried playing only Mustaine's. Still can't get it.

And I can play Slash, Tom Morello, and a LOT of other metal stuff. Holy Wars is the only song, I've had trouble with in like months. I'm on the brink of givng up.
Well Holy Wars is a really hard song,I would say wel into the advanced type.Maybe you are not still ready for it.Try some bit easier Megadeth songs.
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I can play the rhythm parts and, yeah, flying afros and ultimate gio are right, it's all about getting ur speed and alt picking skills up. After that you should be well on your way . The verse riff is pretty difficult (well, it was for me).
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well, you made a common misconception, Mustaine's riffs can be just as challenging as some of the solos
Glen Drover has said in interviews that some of the rhythm parts are just as hard as the solos