I have a few problems, and I think it's gonna be hard to describe the whole situation coherently, but I'll try.

It seems like I'm stuck with minor scales, Em in particular. I can play other minor scales but I can't just jump in anywhere on the neck and know exactly what I'm doing like I can with Em. I have to first identify the root (not too hard, I know the notes of the fretboard pretty damn good) and then build the scale around that according to the pattern, I don't just instantly know it.

I have a lot of trouble with the major scales, I have to think of it as a different way of playing the minor scale... like use the minor scale shape, but change the root to the correct note. And this makes it hard in anything but G Major because I only know Em good enough to look at it that way. I also have to think of modes this way, thus it's mostly modes of Em.

Every time I write a song it's in Em. which is because I have the damn key stuck in my head.

I'd like some help with writing chord progressions and melodies. My way is getting very stale and would like to see how other folks do it.

I think that about covers it.
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listen to alot of music for inspiration to get you into different keys. Dream theater, nile, symphony X
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I do listen to a lot of music.... that's like, the whole point in life right? that and actually playing music.... and being on UG
haha well im sorta the same, stuck in G now, but ive been stuck in others before, just dont allow urself to practice anything in Em much, kinda force urself to start working with another key

as for chord progressions and melodies... chord progressions i tend to just look at the 7 chords of a said key... then randomly pick a few and play aroun d with them... just b like ok im gonna do IV, ii, I in G... and see how it sounds and work off that
i do that very frequently and usually get one decent sounding progression each day
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practice transposing your E minor melodies/whatever you've written

maybe that will help.

and no, you don't get to use the capo.
i have a 'white guitar'
I don't even own a capo. capos are for noobs.

and transposing doesn't help, all you do is move everything around a little. I don't have trouble playing something already written out in a different key, it's the writing and improvising in a different key than Em.

and I yes I know I need to practice, but I didn't know if there was a better way to do it or anything.
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