californication - red hot chili peppers

thats i'll think about it.....but it is as easy as they come
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most Neil Young songs
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this is barely a question. only an idiot would buy a zune.
Killer Queen -- Queen
Are you gonna be my girl -- Jet
Don't Stop Believin -- Journey
More than a Feeling -- Boston

but the one by Jet is the easiest, and it sounds great too

oh and wake me up when september ends -- green day
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Smells like teen spirit.
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and thats about it...
there is a stickied easy solos thread in the tab talk section...
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Smells like Teen Spirit, but if you want a longer, more fulfilling one, do Sex Pistols - Anarchy in the UK, the verse and chorus are just powerchords but the solo is more satisfying to play.
Most Nirvana solos really.
Coldplay is very simple aswell if you're into that sort of band.
try Ateyu they called 3 minutes of 16th notes on the same fret a solo then did a dive bomb at a concert i saw, afterwards many ppl looked confused then pissed, but if they can do it surely u can
Ain't Talkin About Love by Van Halen, probably the easiest solo he's ever done and still sounds great!
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