I'm kind of in the market for everything these days, and i know in the future (within a year or two) i am definitely going to be needing a new guitar amplifyer, combo or otherwise, that has at least fifty watts and is not a piece of ****, but i can probably spend up to seven hundred USD. I play a little bit of everything, metal to ska, (no country), and i don't have them yet, but when i decide to get the amp or whatever, i will more than likely be playing a Fender Showmaster QT HH through a Boss ME-50. I would like some suggestions on what to get. Would also like detailed feedback....not just "You should get ' ' because it's good".
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get something tube

and i'm happy we're dealing with USD
haha go for maybe a Roland Jazz Chorus if you want to spend a little more
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you should get a krank cuz they kick ass.

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That should do you pretty well, I've heard good things about it's versatility and it's gain is supposed to be something akin to a poor man's rectifier and it's well within your budget.
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you should get a krank cuz they kick ass.

Since you don't take the time to read posts, one can clearly see that his budget is several hundred dollars. Also, Kranks are overpriced, overmarketed, and really not that spectacular.
IMO, of course.

Anyways, yeah, i'd follow up on that B-52 recommendation. I played one, and it is like a poor man's recto.
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It's a great amp too

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