whats the tuning that malmsteen and jason becker use i know its something wierd
It's not weird at all, only Eb (half a step down)...at least, that's what Yngwie uses, I don't know about Becker.
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this is relevant to my interests...
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E B G D A E is what it says on a couple of malmsteen and becker powertabs wtf tuning is that
half step for yngwie
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My Rising Force tab book does not have YJMs stuff down a half step FYI. Both are standard.

EDIT: Nvm, just checked it. Dunno why I thought so.
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Yngwie is always in Eb

Always has been even back in the day when he was in Alcatrazz
Standard, half a step down. Always.

I don't know any neoclassical players that use alternate tunings...
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Neoclassical uses a whole slew of scales that become harder to reach once you leave standard tuning... but there is an option if you wanna try other tones...

you could tune down/up the entire standard tuning (D standard, A standard, B standard or whatever other note as opposed to E standard)...

these tunings would require special strings to eitehr resist the tension or handle the lack thereof and youd have to adjust the truss rod, but it might yield cool results... idk itd definitely be new to the style...

the fingerings for everything (chords/scales) would be exactly the same, as the intervals between strings would stay the same...

hell you could play songs that exist in standard in a wayyy different key or octave that way too...

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The only player I can think of that tunes down past Eb is Michale Romeo

He plays in D standard