ok so me and my band recently began playing this really dark sort of riff thats kinda becoming a song now... but i have no idea what key its in and they want me to do a bass solo... mainly because im a better guitarist than the actual guitarist.. yet they have me on bass... but its a helluva lot easier to solo if u know the key haha

anyways... what key is this? im thinking Am cuz the tonic is A but idk...

bass part:
A|---------------5--5--5-0-3--3--3-0--------------- repeat

guitar chord progression:
Am, Dm, C, E

thanks for any input

sorry for being a n00b guys, but u gotta start somewhere haha
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seeing as how i don't know much about the song except a couple bars and a progression, i think your safest bet is Am. That's a fairly strong Am progression.

Post more of the song and i could help a little more if you want.

or send a private message.
a minor?

EDIT: from that riff, definately a minor
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Sounds about right.
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Am, at times using the harmonic minor's raised 7th (G#).

excellent observation. I overlooked the V chord in that progression.