I've recently gotten into home recording and I have a setup with a Toneport UX2 interface, but my problem is my speakers. I'm getting completely fed up with my compuer speakers as they sound like garbage, making it near impossible to mix. I'm looking for an inexpensive set of monitors ($200 or less) that can run out of my interface.

Any decent set of monitors that I've seen seems to only take regular speaker cable from a power amp.

What would you reccomend I look at that will work with a 1/4" output from my UX2?

Thanks guys.
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There are no outputs on the interface itself, so, as blood's suggesting, it's likely to be your soundcard as well as your speakers.
Those 1/4 jacks are just regular mono outputs. You can get adapters at any Radio Shack. As far as monitors go, you get either get active (meaning they have amps built in) or passive. If you get passives then you need an amp and a decent stereo amp or receiver (at least 50 watts) will do. I'm currently running a pair of Infinity Studio Monitor 165's off of my PC through a JVC stereo receiver. I have on order a pair of Behringer Truth B2031P passive monitors that I'm going to replace the Infinity's with. With a little shopping around, (I hit the local flea markets), you should be able to find a stereo receiver for $50 to $75 and you can get the 2030P's for around $130 or the 2031P 's for $160.

Hope this helps