She bought an Ibanez today (RG120), and is having some problems.

asda (11:06:40 PM): all it is is that the first and second strings (b and high e)
asda (11:06:49 PM): when i play them on the third fret
asda (11:06:58 PM): they sound rattly and kind of muted

she's not sure what to do or what's causing the problem. any help would be appreciated, thanks.
its getting cut off by the frets, raise the action on those two strings until it goes away.
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the neck may be bowed so adjust the truss rod n if thats not it its the string height
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adjust the string height first, then if that doesn't help get someone else to adjust the truss unless you really know what youre doing. don't kill your guitar
If she got it from a store, take it back, make them adjust it until it is right. If she got it from a private sale, take it to your local music store and pay them to set it up properly.
if your going to adjust your trussrod, use very small movements, 1/4er turns at most .. untill its satisfactory, i prefer mine with a slight backbow
It's more likely going to be a dicky fret, I wouldn't mess with the truss rod just yet.
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It's more likely going to be a dicky fret, I wouldn't mess with the truss rod just yet.

+1 don't do it, unless you know what you are doing.
some people suggest it like crazy, and it may very well be the problem, but new people at doing it can over do themselfs and cause some serious damage.