Looking for a 50+ watt amp (to me, the more the better, i don't really care about effects, got pedal). I know I will need one in the future (in a year or two), and figured I might as well get an idea now. My top price is 700 USD, and when I get it I will more than likely be playing a Fender Showmaster QT HH through a Boss ME-50 with maybe a wah thrown in there. I play all sorts of stuff, ska to funk to metal to jazz, everything but country. I would like some suggestions on amps/stacks/whatever that you might think would be good for me. I really don't know **** about combos or stacks, so if you could supply logical reasoning...that would be even better. Not just "you should get ' ' because it kicks ass"...that's useless to me. I will more than likely be miccing it full time, and switching between a PA and a recording interface, if that makes a difference. In other words I will be recording and playing live through it.
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Didn't you just post this?

I'm thinking a peavey classic 30 or 50.
With an OD (plus, proper guitar and equing) it can get metal.

All right, about the Peavey Classics...

It can get clean enough for jazz
It can be driven to metal
Has a nice middle of the road tone for rock
Has great cleans

Really a great all around amp.
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Peavey Classic series. I have played most common genres (Jazz, Metal, Rock, Alternative, Indie, ect) with mine with great success. AMAZING lead channel when it is cranked.
In addition to what's been suggested, I'd say a Traynor YCV 40 or 50.

There's absolutely no need for 50W if you plan to use the amp for recording, and plan to mic it full time live. You might be a good candidate for a Hugh's & Kettner 20th Anniversary, or a smaller used Mesa like a DC-22, F30, Subway Rocket, or even an Express 5:25. The Traynor YCV 20 is also really nice.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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yeah i did just post this in electric guitars...i didnt know this was here, so i swapped, and thanks for the help guys, i forgot to mention that i'll probably be just jamming without this amp micced every once in a while.