Hey I want to start learning jazz bass. What's a really good book that I can get that will teach me lots-everything about jazz bass?
I'm not sure about books, but jazz_rock_feel did an amazing tutorial right here in the bass forum with lots and lots of useful information about jazz bass playing. Give it a search, it's really useful.
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Funny, one of the best out there is called "The Jazz Bass Book." Absolutely fantastic; it's got lots of drills, exercises, and history contained within. It's geared more toward upright players, but it's more than fine for electric bassists.
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Theres a company called Sher music that makes great jazz bass books, one is called "The Improvisers Bass Method". I have other ones for latin jazz and walking basslines too. And, they're for both electric and upright, so you're in the good.

Ray Brown and Rufus Reid also have nice books out there, and the DVD portions are probably on youtube.
Look up Mike steinel, i got one of his books for a jazz ensemble at school at it's pretty good.