I'm having a problem with my Applause (Ovation) acoustic guitar. It's not the best guitar but it sounds nice and does the job for me (I mostly play electrics) but recently it started making a buzzing noise when the guitar is strummed. It is very noticeable when I play the 2nd-5th strings.

The noise is coming from near the bridge but I can seem to figure out where or what the problem is - something has to be loose. I'm assuming that it's either the bridge saddle or possibly a loose brace inside of the guitar. Has anyone ever experienced this problem with an acoustic before?


dont raise the bridge thats to much wok, just raise your action
It is very noticeable when I play the 2nd-5th strings

Any fret(s) in particular?
Thanks for the replies but this is not fret buzz that I'm talking about. Something on the guitar is literally rattling and the sound is coming from somewhere on the body of the guitar. Any ideas?
Strap button(s) loose? Acoustic guitars can be tricky to track down weird sounds on, sort of like a car. Where you swear the sound is coming from could in fact be coming from somewhere else entirely. Your best bet is to get the guitar to make the noise, then just start grabbing and touching all parts that you can reach that have a screw or nut on them, especially the tuners. If this doesn't lead you to the problem, then I'd suggest removing all the strings. Get yourself a small, telescoping inspection mirror, one that will fit through the soundhole, grab a bright flashlight, and have a look inside. If you can fit your hand inside, then feel around for loose bracing. If you find that it's a brace that's loose, determine how bad it is. If it's just in a small spot, just put a dab of wood glue on the joint, then let it sit overnight to dry. If it's more, then I'd suggest bringing it in to a shop and have a tech reglue it. He might need to remove it to get enough glue on it before he resets the brace. It's not going to harm the guitar to have all the strings off to have a look around btw.
Hope this helps you track down the problem.
Thanks Dave! I'll start messing around with it. Another thing I saw elsewhere was that it may be due to the lack of humidity in the house right now because of the furnace running constantly. Being in MN, you might have experienced something like this in the past - I'm in Pittsburgh.
Actually yes, my Gibson SG is highly susceptable to changes in humidity, much more so than my acoustic Alvarez is. The acoustic will go out of tune by a few cents or so, but the SG will go by nearly a semitone. I'm hoping it's just because it's new still and the wood needs to age some more before it stabliizes.
I keep a humidifier running 24/7 here at home, and have it set at 50%. I go through about 2.5 gallons a day. Glad I don't have to feed the humidifiers at my local guitar store. They use 30 gallons a day!
I removed the bridge saddle on my guitar last night. There is a piezo pickup under the saddle and a small plastic strip that sits loosely inside of the pickup's metal housing. I'm pretty sure that this is what's making the rattle in my guitar. I'm assuming that it was glued in there somehow since the rattle just started but I don't want to screw up the pickup if I don't have to.

Any advice on suring that thing up?
If you can determine exactly how it's all supposed to fit together, it ought to be easy enough to reglue it in place. Can you get the components out of the guitar so you don't have to try to work around blindly inside of the guitar?
If not, about the only thing I can think of would be maybe rubber cement. It cures fast, but smells horrible. It would do the job of sticking the parts back together, and you would only need a dab or two in a couple spots to keep it from rattling. The smell will disapate over time, and shouldn't do any damage to anything electronic. Just don't want to get it on the finish, or it's finished, lol. I'd thought of a hot glue gun too, but those are kind of a hassle to work with, and they tend to leak once they get heated up. It'd be too easy to slop that on the guitar body if not extremely careful.
Superglue (cyanoacrylate) is deffinately out of the question because the fumes will destroy the finish on a guitar. Wood glue is the safest, but takes the longest to cure. Tape might not hold the parts secure enough. Screws or other sorts of fasteners are more than likely out of the question too. That's really about it for options. Sorry if I'm not able to be more specific or of more help. Any chance you could get me a pic of the parts in question?
Thanks again for the info, Dave! You obviously know your way around an acoustic guitar. I've done a lot of messing around on electrics but never had to fix an acoustic before.

I'll give something like rubber cement or wood glue a shot. I probably would have gone the superglue route so thanks for the warning about it.
I was just wondering, what year is your Applause? I have one, I have no idea what year it is, but it has tone and a volume know, and has a weird headstock, not the typical ovation type.
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