I took my guitar apart and put it back together again because I'm going to be doing some upgrading pretty soon, and I wanted to get a feel for the guitar. I've never actually taken apart a Strat (well, it's a copy strat) and I unscrewed the saddle from the front of the guitar. I didn't actually take the whole saddle off because I didn't remove the screws from the back of the guitar connecting the big spring things, but the saddle moved a bit when it wasn't screwed in all the way.

Now, I put everything back in right, and I tightened the saddles real tight like it was to begin with. But now, the action is way high and the itonation is terribly off. I know it's a problem with the saddle because everything else is back on fine. I just don't know exactly what is causing the high action. I can't lower it anymore because it's as tight as it will go, but the action is still crazy high.

Anyone know how to remedy this?
Don't quite understand. Could you take a picture?
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