what do you guys think of low string playing? i was making a band demo and we play in B for some songs and im really struggling to get a clear sound despite using a wal and a n ampeg cab. should i just go an octave higher (im not actually the bassist but im filling in the bass parts)
EQ....know it. Love it. It's very possible to get a clear sound out of Drop C and B. Try thicker strings too.

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You could have a $10,000 Ritter bass with a Genz-Benz cab and make it sound ****ty if your EQ is messed up.

Basically, fool around w/ the EQ for awhile until it sounds better, and give me your Wal.
Everyone's bass can go down to zero hertz--that's as low as you can go. Just unplug the bass and turn off the amp.

But seriously, I personally think it's pointless to go below that low B--unless your audience can handle listening to either MUD or chintzy harmonics that pretend to sound like the low fundamental note. If you want to go lower, you need a longer neck on the bass for a clearer articulation of tone, or you need to use a good bass synth and bass amp that can faithfully reproduce those low notes.

Musically, anything below 20 Hertz is beyond our range of hearing and is called infrasonic. You feel those notes as opposed to hear them. But you need an amp that can really push air to do those notes justice. I went to McCartney in the early 1990s and felt his bass tone nicely on the back of my legs--the notes he hit were so loud and low that my pant legs were vibrating. And I was about 50 yards back from the stage!

Something to note also: If you bring a raw chicken egg to a loud rock concert and place the egg in front of a PA speaker, the sound energy will coagulate the egg proteins--literally "hard-boiling" the interior. But it is not cooked, so to avoid risk of salmonella, do not eat it.

Now imagine what that sound may be doing to the proteins in your body when you go to a loud concert...

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The Zen of Duh: How low can you go? Zero Hertz. That's the lowest anyone can go. Just turn off your bass amp and not play.

Q-tuner PUs (0X0 configuration) and HG Thor Labs for the best fretless bass tone. MWAH FACTOR!!!
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Are you sure you have the right strings? Things can muddy up if you're using your .105-.045s to tune down to B or C.

5 strings tune to B standard.
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If you're playing an octave below the guitars now, i wouldn't transpose it up. The bass will just get lost unless you've got a really good EQ or mix. Get some 135 or 145 guage strings if you can't get your hands on a 5/6 string. Just re-string, and the heavier strings should let you tune to B or C without too much trouble.
I've had my Stingray tuned BEAD since I got it. As in, .120 - .65. Using heavier, tighter strings will certainly clean up your sound. Plus, you're using a freaking Wal. It really takes a LOT of work to make one sound bad. I recommend restringing it with heavier strings, tuning where you need it, and adjusting your EQ so it matches the capabilities of your cab. Why jack up 30Hz when your cab only goes down to 46Hz, for example? Don't let your rig fight itself.

EDIT: Don't buy obscenely HUGE strings like .135 or .145. Stuff that big probably require filing the nut of the Wal to accomodate. So, unless that's cool with you, don't go too much bigger than .120 or .125.
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Are you recording via mic I take it? What microphone are you using? Have you tried DI? Are you working with a producer who knows what he's doing?

There are many reasons why you aren't getting a clear sound from your recordings. Just many sure you deal with the right ones before you make drastic changes to your basslines. Technology in music is there to increase the breadth of your creativity... if it doesn't, something's clearly wrong.