Anyone played one of these things? I'm looking to get a wah, and I'm between this and a Crybaby. They don't have one at my GC so I would buy without playing.

Basically, the reason I am considering the EBS (even though its twice the price of the Crybaby) is because it has an envelope filter and can act as a volume pedal. I realize the EV won't be break my testicles awesome, but if its good then it is worth it for me.

Any answers? Thanks.
I've never played EBS equipment, but I do own a Dunlop 105Q bass wah and two Morley PWBs. Both are outstanding wahs. The Dunlop seems better voiced for funk and hiphop stuff, whereas the Morley seems happier doing spacier things, as well as metal (due to it's massive sweep).

I've heard good things about EBS though. If you can get your music store to do so, have them order one for you to try out.
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