Okay long story short. Bought a used Schecter C-1 Classic, don't know what gauge strings were on it, now use 9s, can't get my action low without the upper frets buzzing.

Now for some details. The guitar strings are a lot higher the higher the frets are. Is that normal? Also my E string especially doesn't sound good on the higher frets where as the others sound fine. It just doesn't ring out as well and buzzes more. Is that normal? How can I tell if the neck is bending? Any trick to that?

Sorry if its hard to tell what I'm saying, I could write a short story on the topic but I dought anyone would read the whole thing.
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Every gutiar needs a setup, so if one was never done then it needs one. Also from time to time it needs to be setup and checked for issues. Usually buzzing is due to neck relief, nut height or bridge height issues. Also a high fret can do it... To loose strings.... A number of things.. Thats why its good to have it setup...
yeah... looks like it needs a set up. Im guessing they put on 10 - 46s on schecters which could be part of the reason why its buzzing so much, but i think the whole guitar needs a set up
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Quote by BFun
yeah... looks like it needs a set up. Im guessing they put on 10 - 46s on schecters which could be part of the reason why its buzzing so much, but i think the whole guitar needs a set up

Generally going within a gauge up or down onstrings doesn't actually change that much in terms of if it needs a setup or not.
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Most likely it's buzzing because the fret-job is old, and the guitar has been played quite a bit. As for the strings being pretty high from the frets, that's the action. There's two screws on the bridge, turn those to lower the action down. You might need a set-up, anyways, if the neck isn't perfectly straight (probably another reason the frets are buzzing). Set-ups make the guitar sound brand new, and are pretty cheap. Take it into a decent shop (not guitar center), and have them do it.
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My local guitar shop does it for $35. Is that good? I don't think it includes string which is gay.
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also when I get it set up, what action should I ask for? Low? Hight? Medium? I want to play fast but I also want my notes to be clear and sound full.
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35 is good for around where I live...friend is having his setup as we speak, ran him $75.

its preference with action...

i like really low action, so thats what I get...
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This was in another thread you could have probably but found but oh well....

hold the first fret, and the last fret on your 6th string. Around the middle frets(7-9) The string should be about 0.3mm-0.5mm(about a credit cards thickness) over the strings.

If your string is touching the middle frets when holding both the first and the last frets, or if it is too high above the middle frets, you need to adjust.

Although switching to a higher string gauge might solve your problem

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