I know there have been several threads about van halen concerts, but I just realized that march 7th is this friday! and I'm seeing Van Halen on the 7th (this friday!)

I'm stoked!
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I was looking at porn at the computer froze
Eddie Van Halen is an alcoholic
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ACtually he just went to reahb and got there cleared up. and i also think pikachu is on shrooms
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Eddie Van Halen is an alcoholic

hahahahaha *tear*

ah god, i laugh really easy. that was funny.
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VH tour cancelled/postponed according to tmz and melodic rock.

from melodic rock: I can confirm, 100% that this is absolutely correct and there will be no further live shows at this time. We can get to the reasons behind this decision in a later update - but right now I can confirm that the tour is off, but I'm told that there is still some hope that dates might be rescheduled at a later date (to be determined at some other point in time...).
I can add that any possible issues with vocalist David Lee Roth are not behind the tour cancellation.

sucks ass.
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