do you think they've been fooling around?

he's a pretty old dog, if that sweetens the deal
your favorite poster
and another question, should i still ask her to marry me?
your favorite poster
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and another question, should i still ask her to marry me?

No, you would always have to be paranoid about her cheating on you with your dog.
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Him -"Hey, give me a high five!"
Her -"hahaha why? *high fives*"
Him - "Because I just dumped you for the lulz!"
Her -"... what?"
Him -"*runs away*"

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killswitch engage has some dissonant riffs, they're kind grindcore tho

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actually she got the ringworms from me. then i did your dog.
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You've been posting a lot of threads...

what's it to you
your favorite poster
Dude, don't be selfish. Get them both in your room and make it the best night of your life.
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I must admit, i lol'd at the topic title, but seriously, If you care for her and all ask her to marry you, but find out the source of the ringworms first
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and another question, should i still ask her to marry me?

No, shes old so there isn't much of a future, but you could always marry your girlfriend.
...I don't even know what to do in this scenario of a thread. Like, I don't think talking about bestiality is against the rules, but a mod may deem it offensive and warn you.
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Damn.....now you'll have to kill them both...

Read 'Em =]
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Isn't ringworm something you get from wrestling mats?

That's what i was thinking too, you can get ringworm from just touching the infected area and if it's on the dog and the woman maybe she got it from petting the infected spot.
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i fingerd my girl the other day she got so wet nearly my entier hand was soked after that i ate her up, she blacked out it was awesome
i know this is not a serious thread but if you wanted a serious answer:

ive had ringworm and its not serious at all. its just a fungus so you just get it from contact with sweaty skin of someone who already has it.