Sorry if this question might sound stupid but what's the difference is sound between recording with a computer and software and recording with an actual 8 track or a recording hardware?
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With a computer, you can manipulate the audio and attach additional devices to it. You also can do a lot more tracks at once if it's capable of handling it.

With an 8 track, you're more or less recording with the hardware.
With a computer you get alot more versatility and functionality. You can also have practically unlimited tracks.

With an 8-track there are less features and possibilities, at least as readily available on a PC, and you only get 8-tracks. However, they are alot more portable and you can record 8 tracks at once (I think) which you would need an expensive interface to do on a PC.
Keep in mind that an 8-track machine can, in theory, recording well above 8 tracks if the engineer knows how to bounce tracks. This is when you mix several tracks down to one track, freeing up more room.

I used to record with my computer, but I got bored of it and upgraded to an 8-track reel to reel machine and I love it. It may have technical limitations, but I find it a lot more fun. Plenty of great albums have been tracked on an 8-track tape machine.
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^ That's certainly true, and you can get a hell of a lot more tracks out of the tape with bouncing. It really comes down to personal preference. Some people don't like the limitations and limited features of a tape machine, whilst others see that as an interesting challenge and love the analogue sound.
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