are there les pauls with thinner necks? cause my hands are not very large which makes it difficult to shred and such on one.
I'm pretty sure the classic has a tapered neck, but you should look into more shred friendly guitars.
They aren't legit Les Pauls but the esp eclipse and ltd ec are LP-style guitars with thin necks.
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60' slim tapered is as thin as it gets on a les paul, all of the epiphone les paul have necks like that. Gibson's, 60's slim tapered is the thinnest & after that they just get bigger from that
my les paul has the 60's neck and i find it just fine for shredding.

the only thing you have to get used to on a les paul if you get one is the position of your picking hand because of the thicker body. other than that the 60's neck feels just as comfortable as any Ibanez, ESP, or Schecter i've ever played.
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