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This was myself and my singer today in aid of christening my new home studio. Unfortunately playing all the instruments and recording and engineering is too much effort without making lots of mistakes so i wont be keeping any of this stuff..but its a B side song anyway.

pretty happy with the drum sound and guitars considering it was via a zoom multi fx pedal. ill be getting the 5150 out for the real album.
Really cool riff. The toms need to be a little more audible. The vocals could be turned up as well. Great sound and really good guitar sound. Liked the drum solo as well. Sounds like you listen to Tool lol. Great sound for a home studio. If you'd like, give my songs a listen at http://myspace.com/valhalla9

There's a thread called crit4crit by valhallananaimo, if you wanna review the songs.
hey man i thought it was pretty good vocals could be brought up a bit and some of the drumming is a little to low but over all it sounds good. Just watch out cause certian parts sound almost exactly like tool (to me this is not bad cause i love tool) but others may not like this fact... cheers
There's some really good riffs in this song. I like your tone and I think that the drums sound very good too, there's some excellent fills and stuff. Like the above people said, the vox could be brought out slightly at times, but it is no major problem. I love the part at 1:31, how the guitars suddenly keep stopping and carrying on. Overall, i say a very good song, keep it up!

Link is in my sig if you wouldn't mind checking it out, thanks
cheers guys...hence why we are not using it, there was problems hearing the main vocals, problems getting the drums up, problems hearing the bass and there were suppost to be other guitars on it. Im gonna put things in an order which make it climatic
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The drum part doesn't really fit the song. It's too laid back and not really tight - needs to be played with more authority. The guitar sound is sweet, but does turn into sludge at one point. Vocals are very good. Shows promise.

there is a fair bit of ghost notes etc going on the drums but its hard to hear with the loud guitars unfortunately and the fast bits screwed up because i had to play everything without a metronome or backing. I had to use a guitar with 9-42s tuned to Bb (which was because my tuner went awol!). Its really our worst and most simple song thats why we did it first as others are pretty complex

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