Well, looking at bugera amps (which peavey 5150s have been recommended to me instead, those seem to sound great in clips too)... i could go with a combo or stack.

The combo is one piece and its cheaper.

But, its more expensive if i go with the head/cab route; this way though i have more versatility with the two pieces, speakers, and cab wood/builds.

I guess i could still swap out speakers in a combo, but wouldnt it just... not be the same then, as say a vader cab (though however well those handle cleans?)

Also... cleans and headroom?

This would be going through a prestige ibanez rg2570e
Well, to me, the real advantage/limitation with going with a head is that not all amps are available in a combo form. If I wanted a certain tone, but it was only available in a head, then I'd have to go with that.

There's really no difference between combos and stacks, in terms of cleans and headroom, other than there would be more low end in a 4x12 than a combo.

Here's something a bit more practical: Transportation. I would never get a 4x12 for myself, as it would never fit in my car.

last...wouldn't the Ibby be going through the Bugera?
Erm yeh haha

But like;
Even a head + 2x12 cab... It seems id have more versatility, plus some people say those bugera speakers suck.

I dont know. its not mind blowing, but my bandmates really want me to get it.
So. i dont know. it IS a good deal; $540 for a 6262 combo, and studica is the only site ive seen with a 550 price, the rest are jacked up to 650.

Park Ave electronics has one for 400, but from what ive seen they are NOT reliable
Ive tried the head + cab, not the combo.

Im also tossing up between the 333xl. The other guitarist (whose opinion i trust; he knows his stuff) likes the 6262 definitely; with the same eq he said, it was muddier.

I dont wanna rush to decisions. Then again, i suck at making them.
I finally listened to em and got this guitar i have now, and i do like it!
But... the bad rep of the whole bugera thing. i dont know ahh
And the peavey recommendations yet i havent tried one out yet, not many in my area in shops at all
ive already taken my guitar (which they tried to sell me yet i bought from the internet) 3 times >_<

I should though, its all boxed up and i wonder if they could get it out for me. Maybe the jerk manager of whom ive tried 2 of those 3 times with him there.

Hm. Itd be that much of a noticeable difference? I dont know, though...
They arent trying to pressure me, but still. Its not mind blowing, then again i cant afford a dream rig or something as a college kid!
The 5150 combo is different than the head. Biased differently and voiced differently. It also has reverb where the head does not.
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Its not so much volume; just versatility later on when i have more cash to spend on another cab or speakers.

Then theres always the 5150 vs bugera

You know, the band doesnt gig yet so i dont NEED one. we havent gotten to practice a lot, lot lately so... i dont know.