I'm a decent guitarist and my friend has just recently got into drums and honestly he's pretty good at keeping a beat. the problem is it just never seems like what i'm playing and what he is playing goes together. Do you have any tips on getting drum beats to guitar riffs?
Well, when you're practising I'd suggest you tap your foot to the rhythm of the music you're playing. That'll lead naturally to playing with a real drumbeat.

If you're already doing that, then I have only one suggestion I'm afraid: Practise
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get a bass player to link them together

Yeah use a bassist like glue.
With natural rhythm you just have to hear the drum beat in the back. With a fancier drum beat you have to learn what parts to ignore.
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Yeah use a bassist like glue.

Yeah, they have a natural secretion, like slugs, that can be used as a servicable glue.