okay i have been playing for about 3 months now and i have improved on about every aspect of my guitar playing.....

but my main goal right now is soloing and learning to play lead guitar...

does anyone have any exercises or tips, licks, ect that will help me become a better lead guitarists and help me solo better

also i would liek to know what i should be practicing everyday to help me become better faster

this is what i practice everyday:

Scales (pentatonic, major, blues, ect)
tapping (warmup)
songs that i am trying to learn (right now - Poison - Talk Dirty To Me)

Thanks in advance
I have to ask what your music background is. If this is your first instrument, you may be getting ahead of yourself.
Well, for starters you should learn the major/minor scale, as well as how to play them throughout the fretboard. I believe there are articles on this site that teach you.

If you strictly want to work on fingering, one good way to begin is through chromatic exercises. For example

e| --------------------------------------------------1-2-3-4-----------------------------------|
a| ----------4-5-6-7---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
E| 5-6-7-8-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| 

EDIT: Also, do you know how chords are constructed?
Chord construction and the idea behind is a little bit advanced for you right now. You may know chords and that's great, every guitarist should at least know the majors and minors for A-G#. This doesn't mean you can't learn to do improv (solos) at the same time. Scales at first are a great finger exercise. Correct tapping will be something you will learn through knowledge of those scales.

For your practice, I would tell you to learn chords and songs. Take, say, 3-5 songs. Learn the chord progression and try to find out what key they're in.

I personally think Am is a great key to start in because the first pattern most guitarist learn is right in the middle of the fretboard for Am (It's also the same note selection for Cmaj and a host of other modes but you'll get to that later). House of the Rising Sun, Simple Man, Last Dance with Mary Jane (great for learning rythym), and some other great songs you can find in that key.

If you have scale book you need to learn the notes in that scale and the roots of the certain scale. End on the root note (which you'll learn you don't always have to do) with your phrasing and you'll eventually get to the point to where you can make up your own stuff.

Also, speed is a wonderful thing to have, but your ability to pick the notes you want the audience or yourself to hear is what you should shoot for. Music is an art, not a sports event.
just focus on the minor pentatonic scale.
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just focus on the minor pentatonic scale.

Why? I don't suggest doing this. As all the modes/scales (including the minor pentatonic) are built from the major scale, learn it first so that you have a good foundation and really understand what the pentatonic is.
Learn scales. Pentatonic s are a good place to start. Learn the major scale pattern, once you have more theory under your belt you will be able to use this to add colorful "modal" notes into your playing. Most importantly, what ever you learn, learn what it sounds like, not just feels/looks like.
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