i saw a youtube video of a guy playing a blackmachine 8 string
really wierd but cool headstock
i looked on the site and they are really wierd guitars
their bodies are really thin with exotic woods

just wondering wher i could get one and how much would they cost
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hey at least you explored trying to find them. I didn't see a link so i moved on, didn't even attempt it.
they seem like really cool guitars, i'd like to play one sometime.
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the headstock is a parker rip off and the body's too thin............

i still like it
If you want a custom guitar in the UK, Blackmachine is probably the best.

I think prices start at around 1.2k for a very basic model - the B6, which doesn't have the fancy woods. But it is very reasonable in the UK for an instrument with that kind of quality. I think you get your choice of Bare knuckles, Dimarzios or Lundgrens in them too.
Totally depends what you want with it. Prices range from like £1200 to £3000+.

You can only get it by ordering from them, and you'll have to wait coz they're not taking any more orders for this year and maybe next, I can't remember.
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Best for people in the UK because we get totally raped when it comes to custom guitar prices.

People in the US have to pay A LOT for them. in the region $4000, not including shipping.
i dont think they are that special, i wouldnt buy one of them over one of the new Japanese 24 fret Ibanez S series.

and i wouldnt go as saying they are totally custom either
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If you dont think blackmachine are good guitars, listen to the guitar tone on Death of a Dead Day by Sikth.



Godlike quality that tone.