I own these two ESP models an Ec-500 and an F-50.. And whenever I plug the Ec-500 into my amp it sounds.. well not as "metal" as my f-50.. does that make sense? Like it sounds like it was only intended for clean because it sounds ridiculously amazing clean. Anyway when I use my f-50 on distortion it sounds just the way I want my ec-500 to sound.. so what should I do? Is it the pickups? I restrung and lowered the bridge a bit sounds.. a little better. But the pickups are EMGs 81/60 and those are specifically made for metal/hard rock correct? So why don't they sound as good as the f-50?..

The F-50 i believe uses seymour duncan.
The F50 has terrible ltd pickups.
Have you tried changing the battery in your emgs ?
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If you have EMG's then distortion shouldnt be a problem, other than that then it could just be bad pickups.

EDIT: Yeah change the batteries if you have EMG"s
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new batteries and new strings cure emgs.
i thought my emgs were ABSOLUTE SH*T until i restrung my jackson
problem solved!
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I haven't put new batteries in yet, but it was restrung and is sounding better i'll go change the batteries now.

edit: darn, no 9 volts, well i'll go to the store tomorrow mornin to get some.

Thanks guys!
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