hey guys, i have an ibanez with an Edge III, which is crap, and i have decided i really dont want a floyd rose, because i play in so many different tunings. Are there any hardtail bridges i can put right on it without having to modify it? its an ibanez RGT42DX thanks.
yeh, tremol-no or something
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Yea, unless you want to remove the trem, fill the cavity with some tone-killing wood filler crap or whatever, sand it, repaint the whole body, and THEN install a hardtail perfectly...

Get a tremol-no or block it... it'll act just like a hardtail.
yep the simplest solution is fitting a proper sized wood block between the tail of the trem and the end of the cavity. you dont have to replace or alter anything and especially do anything irreversible. + it only takes a few seconds to unblock it

easy-peezy lemon squeezy