Poll: Ibanez NDM1/2 or Fender Mustang
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View poll results: Ibanez NDM1/2 or Fender Mustang
Fender Mustang
11 65%
Ibanez NDM1/2
6 35%
Voters: 17.

At the end of the year I'm gettin' a new guitar, but i can't decide what to get. Because the Ibanez has better P/U system and is more versatile and i can get all different sounds out of it.

But the mustang, has a nice neck, maybe put a JB in it make it sound more better.

I play punk, alternative, grunge and little bit blues and metal.

Ibanez NDM1
Ibanez NDM2

I just can't chose, help me.

Thank you
Never played them, but i dont really like noodle's style, and the mustang looks awesome
Try them side by side and decide.
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probably the fender if its a USA model.
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its jap
but still it is one of the nicest fender guitars made by that is available in the us, sub $1000
mustang will be a better guitar than the ibanez, i think it has some ****ty INF pickups, and its korean also
Whats the versatility like on the mustang? Could i get many sounds out of it?