Ok, first off, I know there are a gazillion of these threads on UG, but I'd have to spend hours going thru them and they prob wouldn't help.

Right, let's get to the point. I want a 50 watt amp. Preferably, i would like an Orange amp, and would also prefer it to be a combo amp. My budget is (realistcally) up to £300.

Unfortunately for me, the Orange Crush range ends at 30 watts, and i don't have a lot of money to spend on amps. I was thinking about getting a Tiny Terror head with Orange's 1X12 Cab, but I'll have to save up forever and (obviously) it's not a combo amp.

So there's my problem. And by the way, I don't want a Marshall amp. I have two MGs and, frankly, I'm sick of 'em. The gain is uncontrollable.

If anyone can help me out, I am eternally grateful.

(Fav bands- Arctic Monkeys, RHCP)
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(Discussion about the Orange Tiny Terror)
You're not going to get a decent Orange combo for £300. Why do you need 50 watts tube? It's a bit over kill unless you want insane amounts of headroom...

If you think 30 watts will be enough, the Laney VC30-112 would be perfect.
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The gain is uncontrollable.

What??? The overdrive is crushing!!

Id maybe suggest the Vox AD50VT. If you're playing stuff like RHCP and Arctic Monkeys, it'll sound good if your budget is £300.
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