Hey guys, I'm having trouble with a song called Sing For The Moment by Eminem, featuring Aerosmith. At the end of this song is this really wicked, 1 minute long solo that is like echelons above my standard. Or maybe I'm just not as good in doing high speed pull offs and hammer ons as I thought.

Does anyone have any advice to play this song? Or really really fast solos in general that have insane amounts of pull offs, hammer ons and slides in them.

If you haven't heard this solo you can find the guitar pro/power tab if you search the song name.
just practice slowly then build up the speed
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Well, the problem with practicing slowly on this song is that it sounds 'wrong'. If I play slow, it doesn't sound like the song at all.
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Does anyone have any advice to play this song? Or really really fast solos in general that have insane amounts of pull offs, hammer ons and slides in them.

First off make sure you know the song perfectly and then make sure you can play it (at any speed) hitting every note and letting it sound.

Then use a metronome, start at a 3rd or a quarter the speed of the song (or whatever speed you are comfortable with) and then start to gradually increase it a tiny bit at a time, if you only increase the speed a little bit at a time you won't even notice the difference untill about a week later when you suddenly notice you have gone from being able to play it at a quarter speed to nearly the full speed. So basically play along with a metronome and only increase speed very gradually.

Also make sure you are using a stubby pick, at least 1mm thick. The big flexible picks aren't good for trying to play very fast solos, they bend and flap about too much losing you speed, you won't notice it when playing slow but when playing fast the difference is more obvious.

Also try not to let your picking hand fly around too much, it should take the shortest route possible from one string to the next, don't let your hand move away from the guitar body and when you pick a string don't let the pick travel too far down after it hits the string, it should hit the string and then stop immediatly to come back up.

Also sometimes with fast solos it simply won't sound the same when playing it un-effected, using a wah or delay effect or distortion will cause the sound from one note to the next to be filled in, but whenn played without an effect the tiny gap between notes will be more obvious and give the solo a different sound. Also when playing un-effected it takes a certain amount of time for the string to produce the proper sound of the note played and if playing very fast the string doesn't have time to sound out the proper note, distortion hides kind of hides that.

Hope that helps. Stiney
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