Hi guys,
Im looking at buying an epi flying v, but don't know whether to get korina wood or mahogany.

Like my guitar hero is tim wheeler so im drawn to korina, but i was wondering what people think is better.

I play rock, garage, indie and a bit of blues so yer any opinion on the better wood would help thanks

any other info u need just ask
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Kinda off topic, what Epis can you get in korina?

i believe its the:

flying V
and the firebird

on topic: imo go for the mahogony, i think it looks nice and would probably sound nicer

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Both the Black and White (used on the Gibson and Epi) Korina have similar tones to Mahogany (used by Gibson and Epi also) except that they're on the slightly "brighter" side + you'll probably pay a little extra because they're a bit more "exotic" ...