I use a FR right, ive just noticed that my second highest string sits .5 of a mm lower than the other strings. It buzzes worse than the other strings too, how can I fix this? The FR is brand new so I dont see why there should be this problem.
i had a problem with buzzing on my b string as well the other day, and i knew it wasnt a fret buzz, it turned out that because i didnt have the trem bar in, the little round bit that you put the bar in was rattling,, so you either have to tighten that or put he bar in, if that doesnt work for you its probably fret buzz or the string isnt on the bridge or nut properly.
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No the trem arm thing is fine, not sure why the saddle on the b string is lower than the others
have you tried the FR setup thread? (i'm not sure of the answer, to be honest)
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