I'm a bassist living near Camborne/Redruth in Cornwall UK. I have no transport but aslong as the gear is there for me to use, i'm happy to go to Truro...or even St Austell. I have gear that is giggable in terms of using it for pubs in Cornwall but no way to transport it.

In terms of influences, my favourite band would probably be Deftones but I wouldn't really be up for doing 'metal' unless theres some spin being put on it. I'm a huge fan of post-rock bands[mogwai, 65dos etc] and also into trip-hop[portishead...massive attack..sneaker pimps].

I want to gig in Cornwall and outside and I want to record. So no time wasters please!

Some of my bass playing can be found @ http://www.myspace.com/thehopeavenue

or for OLDER less effects orientated stuff; http://www.myspace.com/whenpaperaeroplanescollide

You can contact me @ Craig.Broad@hotmail.co.uk
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