Ok so, my band at college won our battle of the bands and are now going to the regional finals in May.

The problem is that we can only play one cover song. The song should let us show off our talents and we were think of something that used a time signature other than 4/4.

Our line-up is:
2 female vocalists - one with a very good all-round voice and the other not-so-good
2 guitarists - both very good lead guitarists
bass/backing vocals (me) - im fairly average
drummer/backing vocals - who isn't actually a drummer so isn't great

We like all kinds of music from pop, country and soul to rock, instrumentals and metal.

Anyon have ANY suggestions???
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haha how about the crusade by trivium ? that should impress them
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its hard to do a talent show with girl vocals, and do a song that everyone will know, u could try Baracuda?
again - alice in chains
(really any alice in chains songs if you want to showcase both singers as long as they can harmonize with each other)
my own worst enemy - lit
bound for the floor - local h
zero - smashing pumpkins

yeah, these are all pretty easy songs, but extremely catchy
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Freebird. Sounds cliche but it gets the crowd happy.
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Barracuda is always fun. And sadly, we can't do Freebird cos our set time isn't long enough lol.
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Think outside the box. Don't play a cover that people would expect. Take a song and make it your own. Put your own spin on it - i.e, change the style etc etc. However, you don't really tell me anything about how you guys sound and what genre you play, so I cant suggest anything. What do the other songs sound like?

I take it there will be judges? Remember, one of the main things they look for is originallity. Usually they look for that over technical brilliance.
That's a good idea.
Well, in terms of what we play we're all over the place. Some of the covers we do are:
Paramore - Misery Business
Jamiriqui (spelling???) - Deeper Underground
Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Give it Away
Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
Iron Maiden - The Trooper
Alice Cooper - Poison

The original songs that we like all have a classic rock sound though, if that helps
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Two female vocalists you say?
Try doing an ABBA song and really rev the nuts out of it, rock it right up and put a blistering metal guitar solo in it.
You'll win!
I recommend "Situations" by Slaughter and the Dogs. It's a supremely catchy stripped-down glam punk song. People who haven't heard it before will be singing along by the end!

It only has about 4 chords, so it's versatile, and there's loads of space for harmonies, extended fills, and adding extra sections.
I know I mention this song a lot, but it's good for all occasions. Don't De-Rock Me by Tesla.
It has blistering guitar solos that are very bluesy, not just standard shred, and has a drum solo (but that could be removed). It's sung by a guy, but a girl would work very well and it's not difficult to sing, anybody could do some part. Bass is easy and drums could easily be stripped down. It's about the best crowd pleaser ever written. Just look it up and see what you think.

(It's not my favorite song by the way, so I'm not bias about this)
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Tool - Schism. Pretty hard but very impressive.

Beaten to it.

Would sound very cool and different with female vocals, methinks.
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