Hey guys, I was contemplating on whether to upgrade my guitar's pickup, or just get a new guitar.

One thing, Im looking for warm tones, more to the bassy side ( when distorted).

Im using an Ibanez GRG150, yeah its cheap but I can get the heavy tones,but not the lead tones I want.
When Im soloing, it sounds "thin".

So, do I :

1. Upgrade my pickups?
- and what are the pickups that can give me that "warm" tone? Something along the lines of... Petrucci's Glasgow Kiss.
2. Get a new guitar? (Im thinking of an Epi LP/ any LP(Burny, Fernandes) with the mahogany body.

im not sure of the exact type of pickups to suggest but an upgrade would definitely help.
My stuff:
ESP LTD KH 202 w/ emg 81's
PEAVEY 5150 II Head

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its a puny ibanez 15 watt though. Heh.

But I've tried playing my guitar through a marshall jcm2000, the tone is still thin.
Id advise getting a new guitar, its not worth it to buy 2 pick ups and have them installed on that.

And youre right, those do look like Toys r us pick ups, but honestly i dont tihnk its worth replacing at this point.

Get a new guitar
get a new amp
then think about pick ups