im looking for a mixer to go in between a mic and my PC, i use Audacity.

Is there a mixer where i can record several inputs at once and each track have there own track on audacity?

I Havent got a price range yet but i would like to have at least 10 channels at once and nothing too expensive.
To get it so it can simultaneusly record several inputs at once onto seperate tracks you are going to have to fork out quite a lot for something like this http://www.dolphinmusic.co.uk/page/shop/flypage/product_id/3852

and even that only has 8 inputs.

You could easily get a mixer with 10 channels alot more cheaply but they will all be mixed onto one stereo track.
Yes, like Sam said, a mixer is particularly useless in a PC recording environment. You'll want an interface with at least 8 inputs to turn your machine into a multitrack recorder, and the mixer won't be required because there is software to do that for you.

A mixer is only required if you are using a hardware multitrack recorder like a tape, DAT, or hard-disk machine.
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