Found a used fender standard strat at my shop the other day. It made me laugh cause a new one on MF costs about 400, and guess how much they had it for. It was 399$. Something wrong with that picture? I am going to try and haggle with the guy, considering I've been in there before and we are acquaintances. I am wondering how much a guitars value drops from just being used. It looked like it was in good condition, but I am not going to pay 400 for something that i could get new for the same price. Any suggestions on how I should approach this. I never really negotiated with anybody. Thanks.
Personally, I would tell the guy selling it that you could get a brand new MIM for the price he was selling the used. If he wants profit, (and I imagine he does) he'll probably knock off a couple of dollars.
Guitars are more expensive in shops than they are on the Internet anyway, so he's probably still selling it for less than he would a new one.
^ That is true.

TS, it's probably a better idea to just buy the used one from him than a MIM on MF. The used one is probably just as good, and if bought online, a guitar could rack up "extra charges" you weren't previously aware of.
There's not enough information here, maybe it's been upgraded or something. And shops generally do price things higher than the price they intend to sell them at .

If it's one of the older MIM's with the small bridge block then IMO it's certainly not worth anywhere near $400. If it's the new design and it has upgraded pickups and tuners then maybe it is.
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well on MF, free shipping, no taxes. so it would be 430 straight up, no extra charges. From what i saw in the shop, it wasnt modded at all. It looked quite stock but in good condition. He doesnt sell too many fenders (he just got the license) so theres only 2 in that shop so far, and they are both used. I figure it this way, would he rather them just sit there and nobody buy them, or me go in and buy it for cheap? lol. If he knocks off a couple of dollars, ill just laugh and leave. haha. I'd rather just have a new one for the same price.