to take my girlfriend this summer.
My ideas:
A weekend in Belgium, Antwerp (because it's quite cheap to get there)
Slovenia,Bled (because I'm half Slovenian and she wants to go,though she may not be able to make it)
Download festival (I doubt either of us can afford it though)

If anyone can make anymore suggestions It'd be appreciated, anything will probably be considered

take her somewhere nice in England go to london or something, doesnt take long to find a cheapish place to stay and theres lots to do... what iv done before to treat my gf is take her to a gig far away from where you live but make a weekend of it and stay in a travel lodge or something. There not skanky and gives ya lots of freedom
take her to the bedroom....
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ah she lives in London though and I'm bored of the place because I used to live there.
Take that bitch to the kitchen.
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Take that bitch to the kitchen.

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Funky Town? Or the tent, that sounds good.
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She's hot but she can't afford to pay for download
I can't afford to pay for 3 quarters of hers and all of mine
Pleasure town.
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Antwerp is really nice. Berlin is really cool too, but I don't know how expensive it is to get there.
psh, i'm in Scotland, spend FAR too much time up here, all my relatives (half Scottish) thanks for the suggestion though
Barcelona. Oh yeah!
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Take her to a beach

Bring a bottle of wine

Sing Hey There Delilah while the sun sets

Tent with one (1) sleeping bag

Dont forget a lifestyles, I doubt you need a magnum
Don't forget to walk along the shore, holding hands, with your pants rolled up right before singing Hey There Delilah.
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go eat a hermanpherdite.
I live in Antwerp and think it's a great city to visit

There is a nice shopping street here (it's wide, not one of those narrow shopping streets which greatly adds to the feel of the city). That'll score you points with her for sure.

There are also historic places to visit and lot's bars and places where you can go have a drink or eat something while having a great view on ancient surroundings

I'd say come on over
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Well guys I think Antwerp it is going to be
If anyone knows of anywhere fairly low cost to stay there (but not tacky) it would be greatly appreciated.
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3. Blub blub.
4. My problem is solved

Go to Belgium, it's new for both, and since you said it's not expensive, you can both make it, and still have a good time.