I'm in the process of buying a new amp and guitar, and I used to only listen to metallica. Therefore I had made up my mind about buying a guitar with emg's and a metal amp. But lately I've been listening to alot of softer stuff, music that usually is played with a fender amp and guitar. Also, most of the music I compose myself, ends up being more soft than metallica and other bands like them. I simply can't get enough of the sound of a strat with a little overdrive. But, of course, I would still like to be able to play hard rock/metal with an acceptable sound.

So what kind of amp would fit me? I think maybe a mia strat and a jcm800 would do it, because a fender amp (among others) would have a hard time giving me the sound I like. But of course, I'm open to other suggestions, and my knowledge about equipment in general pretty much sucks, se keep 'em coming.

When it comes to the guitar, a mia strat might be a safe move, seeing as with my current gear, I end up putting my gear on clean channel with a little OD from a pedal. I have tried a strat with those settings on an amp, and it sounded amazing. But still, it would have trouble dealing with lots of gain.

Of course I will try what I end up with first, just want to know what you experts (...) think of it

Edit: sorry about the guitar being mentioned, that was added in the end. Please comment everything even if it's in the wrong place
how about an active mexican strat
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MIA strat sounds great, look at the 2007 HSS strat, you can split the humbucker into a single coil.

For an amp, look into a Mesa boogie f-30/50/100, **** load of gain + awesome cleans
Or if you have a lot of cash to burn on an amp (budget?) the Mesa-Boogie Mark IV.
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So basically a strat HSS style? I see how that could get me what I'm looking for.

How about the amp? my teacher told me a jcm800 would fit me. Is it good for either style?

In Norway everything is like twice as much, but I can buy the guitar in the states, so no stress there. When it comes to the amp, I'm willing to pay 1200$ (but in us prices, that would mean I'm willing to pay amps worth about 600$, I don't really know)

Btw : bands I listen to - Metallica, Foo Fighters, RHCP, QOTSA, The Who, Deep Purple, Audioslave, Bigbang - and everything in between.
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the jcm is a great amp......here's another suggestion though....go with a fender blues deluxe or blues deville and then use a sweet distortion pedal for heavier stuff. this way you can get lights out cleans and still be able to tweak you different distortion sounds.
You can get that early metallica tone with the F series.

Or If you want to have the perfect tone for everything, you can always pair up a Fender blues deluxe/hot rod deville with a mid/high gain amp. Best of both worlds, but your bank account is going to suffer
The F series would also give me a good foo sound i would guess, since they use them? ( I think )
Perhaps for the amp an Orange rockerverb 50? You may not get as ripped off with that as its made in Europe, the US really jack up their prices. Three problems with a JCM 800
1) Only one channel, personally i like single channel amps but it means you'll have to use your volume knob for cleans
2) Unless you get a used one from the early 80's you wont get the transformers that made the amp so famous
3) If you do get it used you have no warrenty.. I don't usually let that sway my decision, its just something to keep in mind.
That said the Jcm 800 is a fantastic amp and if you get an early 80s one you'll be in tonal heaven. The amp will be especially great for early Metallica, Audioslave, RHCP and Deep purple.