I have a Fender Blues Jr. experiencing some issues. On a gig the other night, my volume started to fade in and out. I was using a new compressor so I unplugged my entire pedalboard and didn't have anymore problems. This morning I was playing at home I had the same problem, but I was only using a Boss Blues Driver. The volume faded and would come back if I let it rest. Is this my tubes in the Jr? I have had the amp for 3 years and run it pretty hard and frequently. I play jazz and rock for a living so I need my amp to work. What are the odds it is my pedals or the amp? I appreciate your help.
It's the tubes, get them replaced.
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if you've had the amp for three years and never changed the tubes its time for a tube change
I appreciate your replies. I have never replaced tubes before. What tubes should I buy? Is it as simple as unplugging the old ones and plugging in the new?