So I just ordered a S470, and i'm thinking of changing a pickup to something more heavy. Should I get an emg? Which one is the best?
And also I have never changed the pickups of my guitars, do I need to go into a shop and get a pro to do it? Baring in mind I have never even modded a guitar at all.
Save the hassle and don't bother, if anything it'll make an SS amp sound worse, plus for actives you might need some routing if you guitar can't accomodate a battery.... Don't bother.
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Don't get EMGs. They're meant to drive the front end of a tube amp hard. You're still playing through your Cube.

You can't dial in anything more "heavy" through your Cube? It's a modeling amp..

Umm ok so I cant really alter my sound at all why I have a cube?

But are you saying pickups don't change a thing.
Or are you saying you just wouldn't waste the money on it.
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We're saying don't drop money on them yet, as they will not make a significant difference with your current amp. Your money would be better spent saving up for a better amp which would tonally be a far larger step up than pickups and give a higher ratio of money:tone than pickups would, basically.
The Laney Thread are big and clever. No exceptions.
get a new amp then emg's
you're amp wont do much for the emg's anyway.

and the s470 is a very slim guitar, will the 9V battery actually fit in it?
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Thanks everyone
And i'm pretty sure I've seen people around the forums with emgs in so they must fit.